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According to AirMed & Rescue magazine, US HEMS workers topped the federal government’s list of high-risk occupations at 113 deaths per 100,000 workers – a figure that outstripped even the notoriously deadly deep-sea fishing industry. The cause of this alarming statistics is lack of effective implementation of safety management system, especially in such risky operation as HEMS.

As a result, more and more rigorous regulations is being passed in order to decrease the level of the risk imposed to people who their job is to save lives; Namely, the obligation of special trainings, risk assessment, and special set of equipment.

Medical Evacuation Services (MEDEVAC) has been provided in Iran since 1998, by involvement of different organs and companies . Although the existence of this service has saved thousands of lives and prevented further losses in natural disasters, certain development and specialization has been in need.

Bearing such great responsibility by the armed forces, makes it difficult for them to meet their own priority that is defending the country from threats. Besides, military helicopters are not basically meant to serve as air ambulance appropriately.

Providing air medical services through an integrated system as a civil helicopter company which serves as the aviation infrastructure of national health and EMS system, not only makes it possible to provide fast, flexible and specialized service, but also guarantees the reassuring safety. Moreover, the coordination among air ambulance network operated under one united operations control center, could save a lot of time and energy in times of crisis.

The establishment of Ava Salamat Helicopter Co., was outlined in national reform plan of health system, which rests upon the basic philosophy of equality of people in receiving medical services.

Effectiveness of helicopter emergency medical services have been such considerable that if more than 80% of missions had not been accomplished, the patient would have lost their life.

What makes AVA different? Strictly and efficiently implemented safety management system, as well as operation of modern medical specific helicopters, that are currently being utilized across a great number of industrialized countries.